Some examples of short search engine optimised articles on marketing written for the website of a UK client

Marketing angels

If you run a small business, you probably don’t need a full marketing department all the time – just when you have big campaigns, sales promotions and launches. But where can you go for spot-on marketing advice that doesn’t cost a fortune? Marketing agencies that specialise in interim marketing can help by taking the load off when you need it. By using the services of ‘marketing angels’ who can tackle marketing management for your business during key periods, you can ensure that your company’s marketing messages reach the right audiences. Agencies that offer these services are flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of their clients, supplying short- or long- term marketing support at peak periods.

Outsourced marketing

Small businesses don’t always have the marketing resources necessary to promote their products and services. For many start-ups, even having a marketing department is a long-term goal. But waiting is not an option – sales-led companies need marketing services. This is where a good marketing consultancy can help. Finding a can-do agency in your local area can add spice to your in-house marketing programme. You get all the benefits of a team of marketing consultants who can offer the full gamut of services, from ads, web and DM to sales support materials and promotions. By sourcing expert help and advice, you can access a range of marketing services on a self starter basis. 1st Objective can act as an outsourced marketing department to help build your business.


Persuasive copy is essential to help you sell your products and promote your services. You know your business and you may be tempted to save money by writing your own marketing and sales copy. But a professional copywriter will do more than just convey basic information about what you have to offer. Good copy is structured for the medium in which it will appear. Writing for print media is different than writing for online audiences, and writing a direct mail shot is a vastly different exercise than composing an advertisement to appear in a national newspaper. Quality copywriting services will ensure that your communications strike the right note and reach their intended audiences.

Website design

There are a few key points to bear in mind when briefing a design agency to creating a website design for your business. Before appointing an agency, it is a good idea to start by looking at examples of their design work. If you like other websites that they have designed, there is a better chance that they will supply a design that works for you.

Give the designer as much information as possible about your current target audience, as well as business expansion plans (potential growth and change can affect the structure of the website and it’s best to build in room for development). Discuss costs and what will be supplied, and set dates for delivery and approval of the design. That way, everyone knows what is involved and misunderstandings can be avoided from the outset.


You’ve invested in building up your brand, but have you put enough effort into testing and building brand awareness? Brand awareness is the degree to which consumers recognise your product or service. It is essential to the promotion of your offering, since the brands that achieve high brand awareness are likely to gain a bigger market share than those that don’t.

To boost brand awareness, you first need to get your target market to notice and recognise your brand. The next step is to build brand recall, which means that consumers can remember and identify your brand amongst others in its category. Once you have established awareness and recall of your brand, you can achieve the ultimate goal – brand preference for your products or services among consumers in your chosen market.


Your marketing and sales activities are only as good as the supporting materials your employees have to work with. This is your collateral – everything from brochures, white papers and newsletters to simple tools like business cards. These media all help to communicate the benefits of your products or services to prospects. They are aids to selling, and the better they are, the easier you will find it to promote your business. It is through your collateral that qualified prospects encounter your brand in depth before deciding whether to buy, so it’s important to ensure that these materials are of top quality. Brochures, posters, product data sheets, sales presentations and scripts – all of these constitute collateral. 

Demand generation

Product promotion stands the best chance of success if you invest time in preparing your prospects to hear your company’s messages. A carefully planned demand generation programme will ensure that your target customers know enough about your offer to be interested in the sales and marketing materials your representatives supply by the time they get in touch. Demand generation campaigns can harness the power of direct mail, email, other online communications, instant messaging and the plain old telephone. As an added benefit, your sales force will gain confidence through accessing qualified leads who are more likely to become satisfied customers.Your customers provide your top line – by generating demand, you can ensure that they buy more from you over the long term.

Viral marketing

By using viral marketing methods, you can tap into existing social networks to find new customers. Viral marketing begins by building brand awareness through natural word-of-mouth methods within your target market. The great advantage of viral marketing is that consumers engage in it by choice and effectively deliver your marketing messages for you, using SMS messaging, email and other media. Many campaigns invite prospects to participate in games or competitions as a way of engaging them with the product. Viral campaigns work particularly well amongst communities that already have a propensity towards social networking. Because these communities tend to value authentic word of mouth, it is advisable to consult an agency experienced in viral communications for advice on how to approach the market.

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