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I supply freelance copywriting services both directly to clients and through agencies, in-house or remotely as required. With experience in both b2b and b2c writing, I am able to switch easily between different copy styles and demands.
My strengths are fast assimilation of industry-specific subject matter and quick, accurate production of readable copy.

I have written copy for a variety of
major global companies in IT, CRM, telecommunications and other fields. Clients include global consultancies such as KPMG and other Big Five companies, Microsoft,T-Mobile, Canon, Nokia, Fujitsu-Siemens, Gartner and Seagate.
Projects include copywriting for Nokia during its merger with Siemens to form Nokia Siemens Networks.
For this project, I wrote most of the customer-facing web synopses of the new company's products.

My design experience enables me to add value to the creative aspects of clients’ work, as I understand how the copy will fit within the communication.

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