Nokia product enabling document: Nokia NetAct™ for TETRA


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Product headline

Nokia NetAct™ for TETRA: providing information for effective management

Product stand-first

Centralized network management for the TETRA network

Document sub-menu

  • What is the business opportunity?
  • Our solution
  • Why choose us?
  • A description of our solution
  • Our references
  • Product overview

Section 1: What is the business opportunity?

What is the business opportunity?

Many vendors provide element management systems for their networks, but each system can only manage one element type (eg radio network or transmission). They have

  • Very limited capacity
  • Limited management functionality
  • Complex management infrastructure

This leads to

  • High OPEX, since operators need many personnel to manage and maintain the systems
  • High CAPEX as the network grows, since new systems are needed continuously

Section 2:

Our solution

Our solution

This solution provides all information needed for effective management, including

  • Real-time management system with information available immediately
  • Centralized network management, allowing fast reaction with fewer network monitoring personnel
  • Information available where it is needed
  • Web interfaces

It offers

  • Alarmforwarding to field personnel
  • Optimization – real-time network tuning

Who is this solution best for?

This solution helps operators

  • Optimize capital expenditure with capacity utilization
  • Reduce operating expenses by savings in integration, integration maintenance, system administration and training costs

Section 3: Why choose us?

Why choose us?

NetAct for TETRA uses the same platform as 2G and 3G solutions.

We utilize proven technology.

Our solution is unique in the TETRA market – no other vendor has a similar system.

Section 4: A description of our solution

A description of our solution

This solution uses open standards-based IT technologies such as J2EE, Linux and web UI.

The IT architecture enables high scalability, performance and availability.

Solution description

Centralized real-time management is a key benefit for TETRA systems, allowing

  • A simpler O&M structure
  • Fewer O&M systems
  • Fewer interfaces to maintain
  • Lower hardware investments

You have secure control over the entire network, as

  • Better usability reduces human errors
  • Since NetAct™ is scalable, it can grow as the network grows, elmininating the need to buy new systems

Section 5: Our references

Our references

We have delivered Nokia NetAct to more than 300 customers worldwide.

We have

  • More than 80 service management customers, making us the leader in this growing market
  • Almost 40 managed services deals


Section 6: Product overview

Product overview

What is it?

This is a tool for fault, performance and configuration management and system administration

What can it do?

It offers centralized real-time management

What business benefits does it deliver?

It optimizes CAPEX and OPEX through better capacity utilization and integration

Why Nokia Siemens Networks?

We are unique in the TETRA market – no other vendor has a similar system

What are our references?

We have supplied Nokia NetAct to more than 300 customers worldwide